Top Star Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is an international non-profit association that brings together numerous companies operating throughout the supply chain that feeds the diamond and goldsmith sector, from mining to large jewellery producers. RJC members are committed to promoting respect for ethics, human rights and the environment by adopting good social and environmental practices, in a transparent manner and throughout the supply chain.

The RJC has developed a certification system that all members must comply with. In order for a company to obtain this type of certification for metals sold on the market, a thorough qualification process must be successfully carried out, implemented by competent third parties appointed by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

The objective of the RJC is to encourage as many companies and organizations as possible to implement responsible practices throughout the production and distribution chain also in order to strengthen the trust of their customers. TOPSTAR, as a member of the RJC, carries out its business activity in accordance with the requirements of the RJC demanding that these are respected by all companies and business partners that are part of the production chain.

The members of the RJC believe in the importance of doing business in a sustainable way with full respect for human rights, working conditions regulations, environmental protection and with the application of ethical principles in business practices. TOP STAR's commitment is to make a difference, ensuring that these principles and rights are respected by all those involved in the production process, with a view to continuous improvement.

Founded in 1994 TOP STAR is present in the national and international goldsmith market with a wide range of jewellery made with the "hollow" technique, empty gold chains of all sizes: 9KT, 10KT, 14KT, 18KT. Alternative collections can be developed by combining other ornamental semi-finished products: such as laser cutting or electrofusion, keeping hollow elements always at the centre of the product as a distinctive sign.