From the fusion of gold to the finished product.

TOP STAR SRL produces high quality hollow jewellery, anticipating market trends thanks to its own design office, which is always attentive to trends and customer requirements.
From the ancient Etruscan goldsmith tradition, passing over time to manual processing by goldsmith masters, in combination with technological evolution, Top Star today offers jewellery which is produced in Italy, the result of a long history.

These images detail the journey that the most precious of materials, GOLD, makes within our industrial process, starting from its primordial form through to the creation of the finished piece of jewellery.

Gold is transformed from solid to liquid, and then back again to solid, ready to be transformed by the expert hands of our master goldsmiths who, with mastery and passion, transform it into a Jewel.

The motivations that push our company to do something better every day are many, through a path of technological growth, style and passion.

Our goal is to create a lightweight product with a great visual impact, which makes our company a leader in the production of handmade hollow jewellery Made in Italy.